....May 10 for weekend in Town of Chandos
Postpone May 10 due of still bank snow and mud
Need more detail for where to go!!!…....contact by Mirek

....June Date and where TBA

  DOATV 10th anniversary 
....August Date TBA in Haliburton
at Lakeview Motel
Provide free supper for only Saturday
Phone: 705-457-1027
Reservations: 1-866-385-9347
Email: info@lakeviewhaliburton.ca
Where: 4951 County Road 21, Haliburton

....September 26 to 29 in Redbridge
click me-> Deposit $50 for cabin direction to Mirek 
  Need address ask by email to Mirek or see me on May 10 
Booked 2 cottages wish go: ask by Leigh or Jim for count number 14 beds
Map: Camp Conewango, 1875 Songis Rd

Here show site map cottages

\\\Annual General Meeting///
\\\May 11, 2019 in Town of Chandos///
need direction? ask to Mirek by email

Deaf Ontario ATVers (DOATV) Club
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