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...June  23 for weekend  in Algonquin Highland

19448 Hwy 35 Algonquin Highlands, Ontario K0M 1J2 Canada


Any question contact president


… July 12 or 19 for weekend Women ATVers  in Town of Chandos

Which pick one weekend let know by Ewa’s email click this email


....August 24 to 28 in North Frontenac

2 sites camp

Go to visit website Long Schooner Lake

Map here Fortune Lake PDF

Camp site #1 and #2  

Director here North Frontenac

Need more detail for where meet at… by President


....September 22 in Minden

Map:    South Wind in the Motel & campground Minden

Email us at :

For inquiries, please allow 1-2 days for reply.,  Toll Free : 866-356-6835

For booking assistance, please call 705 286 2152


....October - when and where to be TBA